and i love you so

My first post yipeeeee!

Since this is my very first post, let me bring out my emotions… ermm, ok I will be really corny and I don’t care lol.
Ok, I’ve just watched the movie “and I love you so” and I may say “well done Bea, Sam and Derek”! Would love to include the link of their official video but nah I won’t. I am too lazy to do so, sorry!

Well, this is not my first blog though. I have another blog which a lot of people knew about it, friends, families and strangers have probably read some of my posts and I have been very glad someone’s actually get to read non-sense thoughts sometimes. 😀

I will be straight to the point why this blog is born. Why, it is because I think and I can foresee that I will be entering another chapter of my life. A very important one. Yes, I would love to go to every detail of it. I do not want to waste any single moment, I do not want to loose any single thought of it. Let’s just say, it is I think would create a huge impact in my life.

This is just the beginning, and more to come… hope until forever…

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