kev’s last working day today

Hun can’t wait for his working day to end today. He felt the 8 hours at work today is the longest 8 hours of his life! lols. My baby deserves a damn break and I know how it feels like. 😦

I had a terrible day today at work as I only had 6 hours sleep last night. Thank God I had so much to do and the time passed so quickly. Not until lunch time though! You know the feeling of having inadequate sleep and after your lunch when tummy is full, you really feel so sleepy?! By the time you get back to work (especially when you sit while you work), gosh my chair felt like a rocking chair to me and lulls me to sleep! A cup of strong coffee will keep me up for an hour though, but one thing to consider during the period of the holy month of Ramadan (22 Sept till 22nd Sept) we can’t actually drink and eat in public! Especially when there are Muslims around who are fasting, we cannot really show we do eat and drink. I’m used to it I may say, been here for quite a long time and is not a big deal to me. I respect them.

Went home around 6:30pm and time to catch up with what my baby has been up to today!

By everydayannie Posted in Papa K

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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