saturday night

After one’s day off, you should be feeling fresh and ready for another week’s work (i guess) lol but not this time for me. Started work today feeling weak, sleepy and my eyes are sore. Terrible, life is tough. I wish I can spot a piece of diamond while walking in the streets, retire immediately and go back home and relax for the rest of my life! But in my dreams! Not even lol.

Survived the day, ended it up talking to hunny. He’s out tonight for his younger bros’ stag night. The wedding’s going to be next Friday. My hunny’s gonna have great time with family and friends! I’m so happy for him now that he is finally relaxing after so much work. 4 weeks hun! 😆

I went out for dinner with the ladies, it’s Jasmin’s birthday treat! Went to a Thai-Filo resto, a small but humble restaurant, good food.


how about Christmas 2009 in Philippines?

My baby reached his motherland today morning. Glad to hear from him after a couple of nights. Just missed him.

I think I am jealous that my baby is back in his home country, so I called up our travel agency and booked my plane ticket going back to my home country too, the Philippines. Lols! Nah, seriously, my holidays were planned early this year. And it will happen on December!!! Again, I will be in Philippines during Christmas and new year! Woohoo!
There is nothing like Christmas and new year with the family back in Philippines, isn’t it? It’s just soooo different. We might not have expensive Christmas decors around and at home but the smell and the spirit of Christmas is felt deep within your bones. There would be no popping of champagne bottles during new year but you will get to see red horse and san miguel beer bottles scattered on the ground outside our house!

Umm, I still have a lot in mind to share but… I’ll leave it till tomorrow coz I’m tired!  I’m out…

big daughter

this evening while on bed being lazy, just realized that…

My big daughter turns 14 this November. In 4 years is her debut. In 6 years she graduates college.

Damn, I’m going to retire soon! 😀

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Yesterday I knew that I will be busy today at work. Started my usual everyday routine from 8am till 6pm, sometimes 7 worse 8pm. 😦 I felt so damn robotic! Usual stuff, same thing.. it’s getting boring! Geez! Wish the Lord would fast forward my time and soon I could go on holidays! Yeah right, speaking of holidays.. I just need it!

My baby is now heading to UK for his 4-week holidays! Lucky man! He left Perth today at 10:45am, stop over in Brunei then Dubai then UK. Long and tiring but who cares, home is home! I know my baby will have so much fun, looooots of relaxation and time with family and friends. Well deserved hun!

During the arvo, felt tired already. Wasn’t feeling well at all. I just want to go home and lie down on my bed. Be lazy.

I’m going to retire my day. Hope Kevin arrives in UK in one piece. lols!

I’m out!

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