Perth Holidays (May – June 2010)

Kevin and I managed to arrange another holiday last year (2010). Despite of our busy work schedule, we needed to see each other and spend time together. Long distance relationship is not an easy situation to be in. It needs a lot of trust, love and respect to make it last and we certainly know that we have everything. Oh of course, patience too!

I visited Perth City, Western Australia on May 2010. I have met his closest friends. Visited Margaret River over the south, lots of tourist places in Perth too. It was winter, and it was so pleasant to travel everywhere. Thank God no heavy rains as well.

Prior to my visit in Perth, my partner hopes that I will like the place. Who wouldn’t like a place that is so divine like Western Australia?! I will never want to be anywhere in the world except for WA and my home country of course, the Philippines!

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