North Land Hotel and Resort

It’s summer and the heat sometimes is just unbearable. Plus, it’s school break. Obviously the kids at home are always bugging me as to when we will go out for swimming. And how I wish we have at home even just a small pool! Enough to to cool down your body!

Since my childhood, here in my town, Ceferina beach is the first thing in our minds. It’s near and cheap. But as years passed, the place is worn and tired now. I can’t let my kids swim in a sea of yellow water. Not good, hygiene-wise.

I checked online any nearest resort that we can go to. A place where it’s clean and decent enough for kids. I like it when it’s nice and quiet, with restaurants and shops which you can conveniently run to in case you needed something. So I came across the website of North Land Hotel and Resort. I checked their website for the facilities and amenities they can offer to their guests. Seemed good, so I emailed them for the cabana reservations. Though I haven’t received any feedback from them for couple of days, I’m still keen to contact them. I checked their Facebook site and asked some information and luckily I got answers.

We siblings and kids went, except Mum and Dad because Dad is a bit tired to go any other places other than his lovely home! From Victorias City, we just took the public jeepney going to Manapla. The resort is along the highway so only 1 jeepney ride for 10 minutes and we are right by the entrance of the resort which I find convenient.

From the entrance of the resort, I am impressed by its 2 storey building. It’s newly built though most of the area inside is still under finishing touches and needed shops/restaurants spaces available for lease. Unfortunately, in this case, we do not have any choices of food outlet apart from the resort restaurant itself as we did not bring any food for us and the kids which is part of the plan anyhow.

Here are some snaps of the resort:

In my next post, I will share with you our dining experience, the pool and the rest of the gossips too. 😀


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