Clipping Our Pups Toenails

Yesterday at 5am, Mum was awakened by the cry of Brenna (our seven week old pup). She peeped by the window and see what’s happening with Brenna only to find out that the pup is sat down by the gate of the house and crying while facing her mother from about four meters away. Then Brenna started to walk but she can not! She seemed to drag the rest of her body by her two front legs. Surprisingly, at that moment, Mum said that there is something wrong with her two back legs!

Mum hurriedly came to rescue the poor Brenna, carried her and see what’s wrong. She found out that the dewclaws of Brenna were intertwined from her left and right legs the reason that she cannot walk! Poor pup! The next morning I decided to cut two pups’ nails with a nail cutter though there is an appropriate dog clippers (serves the same purpose!).

Some valuable tips:

Remember, it is better to trim a small amount on a regular basis than to try and remove large portions. Try to trim your dog’s nails weekly, even if long walks keep them naturally short. The ‘quick,’ a blood vessel that runs down the middle of your dog’s nail, grows as the nail grows, so if you wait a long time between cuttings, the quick will be closer to the end of the nail. This means more likelihood of bleeding during trimming.

Trim nails so that when the dog steps down, nails do not touch the floor.

Invest in a good pair of nail trimmers in an appropriate size for your dog. They can last a lifetime.

Make trimming time fun and not a struggle. Trimming your dog’s nails does not have to be a chore or unpleasant. If your dog is not used to having his nails trimmed, start slowly and gradually work up to simply holding his toes firmly for 15-30 seconds. Do not let him mouth or bite at you. It can take daily handling for a week or more to get some dogs used to this. When your dog tolerates having his feet held, clip just one nail, and if he is good, praise him and give him a tiny treat. Wait, and then at another time, do another nail. Continue until all nails have been trimmed. Slowly, you will be able to cut several nails in one sitting, and finally all the nails in one session.

Source: Pet Education


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