Our DIY Hair Treatment

Let’s face it; women of today who have long black straight hair can take a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Most of us, especially even teenagers nowadays are so keen into hair straightening (in Southeast Asia is called re-bonding) or hair-relaxer. Upside, you have straight hair for 45 days max if you had your hair relaxed, or, for me 4-6 months a hair re-bond will last. Downside, if you’re not being careful and not giving your hair the TLC it needs after these treatments, trust me, you won’t like the outcome. I do give my hair the TLC it needs, but my concern is my daughter.

I started our DIY hair treatment a month after her hair re-bond. We started with the natural coconut cream, slowly boiled over a slow heat until you get the natural oil. A very classic procedure which I have done when I was her age, even younger if I may recall.

Once the natural coconut oil cools, apply it to the hair using a cotton. Strand by strand, however leaving the scalp/roots. I concentrate more to the lower part of the hair as this goes dry quicker and prone to split ends.

Then I’ll wrap her hair with a plastic film (or you may call it a cling wrap), and do the top bun to gather all her hair together.

Wrap the hair with a face towel, then pop her head on the hair steamer we got at home. (of course, hair steamer to be plugged about 5 minutes before using it to keep it warm)

Wait till about 15-20 minutes then off to the shower.

We do this on some weekends, sometimes, I deep condition her hair using other natural products. Or sometimes, just the plain hair conditioner will do.

The TLC your hair needs need NOT to be expensive and fancy. It needs a natural treatment after it has been murdered in the salon. Yeah I use the “murder” word. After all, why spend more where you can find natural products in your own fridge?!

Here’s a preview of my daughter’s hair after one of our DIY deep hair conditioning:

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