Bruno and Brenna’s Last Day At Home

Tonight, Bruno and Brenna’s new family will arrive from Japan.

Will make the most of our time today as they will be terribly missed. But on the brighter side, will get to visit them often as they are near our home. And hopefully, they’ll produce full breed collies in the future (as their mum and dad) and one of the litters will be with us too.

Bruno and Brenna, hope you guys will have a great time with your new found family. I’m sure you won’t forget us. How we feed you, how we hug you when you are sick, how Anya and I bath you, how I give you treats after each baths, how I comb and blow dry your hair, how I pick fleas out of your skin, and how I carry you and put you to sleep. How you bark at night to strangers, how you play and make noise. How you chase the chickens and eat their food sometimes. How you “sit” when told.

See you from time to time!

We will MISS you! 😦


5 comments on “Bruno and Brenna’s Last Day At Home

  1. i can relate, annie. we left our puppy named candy in manila — ayun, miss na miss ng mga little kengkays. so eto, we just got a new pup, golden retriever, last week. at dahil bebi pa, feeling bebi talaga. late na kami natutulog, aga magising — tapos siyempre kapag hindi makatulog, laruin dapat. not to mention, the accidents inside the house… pero enjoy naman, di ba. ingat!

    • wow golden retriever! do you have any pics of your pup sa blog mo? kase cute na cute na cute ako sa mga pups. at paglumaki yan poging-pogi hehehe!
      I’m sure enjoy na enjoy ang mga little kengkays mo sa kanilang bagong alaga. and soon, paglaki nila maging best friends na mga yan. tatahol na ‘pag may aakyat na manliligaw sa mga chikiting mo hihihi!

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