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Electronic Cigarette – Can it help lessen smoking tobacco cigarettes?

This sounds healthy. Ha ha!

I have been trying to minimize my ciggy consumption for the past few years. When I was based abroad, having a full time job that working hours count from 10-12 hours a day, and being busy all the time, somehow makes me skip a few sticks of ciggies compared to when I am here now in Philippines. And the fact that ciggies here in the Philippines cost much lesser than any developed countries.
I decided to try this hoping I will find an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. So I purchased my first e-ciggy called E-Health Cigarettes.

First experience 2 weeks ago is weird because this doesn’t contain as much smoke as tobacco cigarette when you puff. And this does not contain nicotine. Just a flavored vaporizer. But instead of taking this experience negatively, I told myself I will get used to this. In the beginning, I smoke both. As being a regular smoker, I can’t 100% quit smoking in a day. So I use them at a time. After meals, I use tobacco cigarettes, and in between I use e-ciggy which dramatically lessened my consumption of tobacco cigarettes (on the birghter side)!

so this is my first e-cig
a closer look of the item. it really looks like a tobacco cigarette only this is not made of paper
the lid, where it lights up in red color when you puff the stick
the kit contains these
a closer look of the e-cig car charger
charger plus the removable usb port charger where you can plug into your laptop or desktop
extra flavored refills with no nicotine (some e-cig are with flavored nicotine liquid)
1 page manual

Pork Kilawin

Today, I enjoyed Mum’s pork kilawin. I skipped the main course and only ate the kilawin! So here’s the recipe of my Mum’s yummy kilawin for you to try.

1 kilo pork
1/3 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup Vinegar
1 small ginger, chopped
2 medium onions, chopped
2 medium tomatoes, diced
2 red chilli, chopped
4 cups of water
1 teaspoon salt

Pork Kilawin Cooking Instructions:
In a casserole, put pork in water and some salt. Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes or until the pork is tender and the skin is soft. Remove pork from water. Slice the pork into bite sized pieces while still hot. Place in a bowl and add vinegar, soy sauce and chopped, uncooked onions, tomatoes, chilli and ginger.
Serve immediately!

Here’s the preview of the dish:


Deployment ban on 41 countries

Sa umpisa kong narinig ito sa headlines ng balita kagabi eh akala ko maraming maapektuhang OFW sa pag ban nila sa 41 countries na ito. Pero nung nakita ko yung list of countries that are included in this, eh kahit ako I’d rather stay home and look for more safer options para kumita. I don’t want to risk my life sa mga bansang ito.

The Department of Labor and Employment on Wednesday downplayed the ban by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration on the deployment of Filipino workers to 41 countries.

DOLE Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said the ban will affect “a little over 200” OFWs, who she said can avail of the government’s integration program if they wish to return home.

“Kung sila uuwi rito, tutulungan natin ng integration program,” Baldoz said in an interview on dzBB radio.

She also said the 41 countries in the list are not considered major receiving countries.

On the other hand, she said many of the OFWs deployed to the 41 countries are employed by globally operated companies and are not covered by the deployment ban.

“Since hindi yan apektado wala yan effect (Since those working in globally operated companies are not affected, it will not be a major effect on our OFWs),” she said.

Earlier on Wednesday, the POEA ordered a deployment ban on 41 countries for the lack of guarantees ensuring the welfare of overseas Filipino workers.

In a resolution of the POEA Governing Board, the POEA said the countries must have labor laws or conventions relating to the protection of migrant workers.

“The Philippine Embassies/Philippine Missions have certified that the (41) host countries are not compliant with the guarantees provided under the (Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act),” it said in Governing Board Resolution No. 7.

41 countries covered by the ban covers
1. Afghanistan
2. Antigua and Barbuda
3. Barbados
4. Cambodia
5. Cayman Islands
6. Chad
7. Croatia
8. Cuba
9. North Korea
10. Dominica
11. East Timor/Timor Leste
12. Eritrea
13. Haiti
14. India
15. Iraq
16. Kyrgyzstan
17. Lebanon
18. Lesotho
19. Libya
20. Mali
21. Mauritania
22. Montenegro
23. Mozambique
24. Nauru
25. Nepal
26. Niger
27. Pakistan
28. Palestine
29. Serbia
30. St. Kitts and Nevis
31. St. Lucia
32. St. Vincent & the Grenadines
33. Sudan
34. Swaziland
35. Tajikistan
36. Tonga
37. Turks and Caicos
38. Tuvalu
39. US Virgin Islands
40. Vanuatu
41. Zimbabwe

In addition to the 76 countries the POEA deemed “OFW-friendly” based on its May resolution, the agency’s governing board has listed 49 countries that also have guarantees under the Migrant Workers Act.

Baldoz said the POEA Governing Board was mindful of Section 3 of R.A. 10022 which provides that “the State shall allow the deployment of overseas workers ONLY in countries where the rights of Filipino migrant workers are protected.”

She added the countries declared non-compliant can initiate negotiation and conclude bilateral agreements to address non-compliances, the POEA said in a news release.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Baldoz said the Philippine government can consider as ‘compliant’ countries taking positive, concrete measures to protect the rights of migrant workers based on the provisions of RA 10022.

She clarified that non-compliant countries may push for bilateral agreements with the Philippines to address the “non-compliances.”

She also said Filipino workers can still be deployed to companies with international operations in non-compliant “unless there is an existing ban to that country.

The Philippine government has an existing deployment ban to conflict affected countries like Lebanon, Nigeria, Somalia, Syria and partial ban to Iraq and Afghanistan.

For companies and contractors with international operations in non-compliant countries, deployment of Filipino workers will not be affected pursuant to Section 3 of R.A. 10022, unless there is an existing ban to that country.

Under Section 3 of R.A. 10022, the government recognizes any of the following as a guarantee for the protection of the rights of OFWs:

  • It has existing labor and social laws protecting the rights of workers, including migrant workers;
  • It is a signatory to and/or a ratifier of multilateral conventions, declarations or resolutions relating to the protection of workers, including migrant workers; and
  • It has concluded a bilateral agreement or arrangement with the government on the protection of the rights of overseas Filipino workers.

“The Governing Board has thoroughly discussed and considered the DFA certifications and, in accordance with the law, issued the resolutions,” said Baldoz.

The POEA will publish the resolutions in two newspapers of general circulation. The resolutions will take effect in 15 days after the publication. LBG, GMA News

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Christmas Tree

So we happen to finish our Christmas tree by October; dancing rice lights, sparkling balls (Christmas decorative balls), and gracious flowers all composed in our Christmas tree thus, creating the “happy and lively” look we wanted to achieve.

Well, I have to tell you that the kids at home helped me in this task. The expression in Anya and Unie’s face is ecstatic. They were so excited, jumping for joy that at this time of the year, Santa Claus is soon going to visit them again, of course, with GIFTS! And that is my task, to make sure Santa Claus leaves gifts inside their Christmas socks!

During the past two years, our Christmas tree color theme is “purple and pink” which is honestly, a very cute color combination. Yes, we used the same Christmas tree decorations during the past two years and this year, I decided to make it “silver and blue”, as my siblings suggested. Some of the decorations are hand made like the Christmas ribbons and the rest, I bought from Unitap located in Bacolod City beside the public plaza. Their decors are cheap yet pretty and durable.

So here is the preview of this year’s Christmas tree at home with “silver and blue” color theme and let me know if it’s nice! Be nice guys!