Electronic Cigarette – Can it help lessen smoking tobacco cigarettes?

This sounds healthy. Ha ha!

I have been trying to minimize my ciggy consumption for the past few years. When I was based abroad, having a full time job that working hours count from 10-12 hours a day, and being busy all the time, somehow makes me skip a few sticks of ciggies compared to when I am here now in Philippines. And the fact that ciggies here in the Philippines cost much lesser than any developed countries.
I decided to try this hoping I will find an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. So I purchased my first e-ciggy called E-Health Cigarettes.

First experience 2 weeks ago is weird because this doesn’t contain as much smoke as tobacco cigarette when you puff. And this does not contain nicotine. Just a flavored vaporizer. But instead of taking this experience negatively, I told myself I will get used to this. In the beginning, I smoke both. As being a regular smoker, I can’t 100% quit smoking in a day. So I use them at a time. After meals, I use tobacco cigarettes, and in between I use e-ciggy which dramatically lessened my consumption of tobacco cigarettes (on the birghter side)!

so this is my first e-cig
a closer look of the item. it really looks like a tobacco cigarette only this is not made of paper
the lid, where it lights up in red color when you puff the stick
the kit contains these
a closer look of the e-cig car charger
charger plus the removable usb port charger where you can plug into your laptop or desktop
extra flavored refills with no nicotine (some e-cig are with flavored nicotine liquid)
1 page manual

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