Piney Lake, Western Australia

I was in Perth for holidays last December 2010 until March 2011. Some days tend to be boring. One lazy afternoon, I told my hubby I wanted to go out for a ride. We drove to the surrounding places in our suburb in Perth and we end up in this quiet lake called the Piney Lake.

It’s beautiful. We found a parking area within the lake, we strolled hand in hand listening to the birds chirping, watching the ducks roaming around and some play and float on the water gracefully.



The Pink Lake, Western Australia

Proud to say that the above header photo was captured by my own camera. I used my simple silver colour Fujifilm FinePix Z5fd. This is an old and much loved digital camera of mine and always been my partner to every places I visit.

My header above is one of the breathtaking spots over the Pink Lake, near Port Gregory, Western Australia. Together with my hubby, this trip is one of my most memorable trip up north of Western Australia. We traveled on early January 2011 by land for up to seven hours one way. That if you travel straight and no stop overs, but we did ‘coz these places are just so irresistible! In total, we were on and off road from 9:00 am until 5:30 pm. Definitely was worth it! We had taken with us an ice bucket good for two and we filled them up with quick snacks, cold beverages, apples and oranges.  I love the scent of oranges while traveling.

I will share with you some great photos which I have taken…

Thank you for visiting my blog!


List of Filipino/Asian Stores in Perth, WA

I tend to look for this information over and over again in the Filipino-Australian forum. Every time I am in Perth, and when my Filipino supplies of goods are running out from our kitchen cupboards, I tend to panic. I can’t get-away from my Filipino taste buds and I need to have my food! 😀

So thank you to the for being there for us whenever needed, or sometimes just merely hanging out to mess around with other forum members, of course, in a good way!

So here below are the list:

Filipino Stores
1. Sari-Sari: 6b Cobbler Place, Mirrabooka Tel 9440-4429 (Gilbert & Edna)
2. Athena Store: Shop 6, 74 Warton Road, Huntingdale Tel 9398-7709 (Rina)
3. Filipino Oriental Store: Shop 12, 2 The Crs, Midland Tel 9250-7635
4. Phoenix Asian Store: Shop 3, 252 Rockingham Road, Spearwood Tel 9418-8921 (Wilma)

Oriental/Asian Stores
1. Market City Gourmet Food: Shop 11, MP37, 280 Bannister Road, Canning Vale Tel 9455-5821
2. Trans-Asian Food Centre: 358-364 Newcastle Street, PerthTel 9228-3099
3. Ace Asian Mini Mart: Shop 11a (next to Solver Paint), Cockburn Gateway Shopping City, Beeliar Road, Success Tel 9414-5816
4. Chan Brothers: Unit 8, 7 Marshall Road, Myaree (along Leach Highway which is very near our place)
5. Wing Sing Oriental Supermarket: Kardinya Park, Kardinya corner South Street and North Lake Road Tel 9331-8188
6. Longs Oriental Supermarket: Lakes Shopping Centre, South Lake (along North Lake Road)

7. Mama Chedeng: Spencer Village Shopping Center, 208 Spencer Road Thornlie. Tel : 9258 8983

Of course, I will not forget the Manila Restaurant located at 1236 Albany Highway, Cannington Tel 9451-9990


In-Home Wine Tasting

I’ve read about this in-home wine tasting over the net. A great idea especially when you are joined by your girlfriends who loves wine too or perhaps, discover and learn more about wine.

Maybe I just miss my girlfriends in Abu Dhabi. Who won’t after 14 long years of being there.

How I wish I can travel back asap to Australia. I miss my hubby, my king, hoho! My Santa Klaus too! Hunny, can we host an in-home wine tasting for Christmas lunch hihihi!


WA Holidays Margaret River (May – June 2010)

My holidays in Perth last May 2010, we visited lots of tourist places and explored the southern part of Western Australia especially the Margaret River wineries.

One of the many wineries Kevin and I visited is the Watershed Premium Wines located 4.8 kilometer south of Margaret River. His friend is working there and my partner would love to catch up with him while wine tasting. Awesome experience! After several visits to these interesting wineries, I am ready to take a nap ‘coz I felt a buzz in my head. Hahaha!

WA’s down south is a cool invigorating place to stay. Unfortunately, we have to head back to Perth after 4 days and 3 nights visit.